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Enol Fernández Diéguez

Mechanical Engineer

Student completing his studies in Mechanical Engineering at the Polytechnic School of Gijón. Collaborate in hydrogeophysical Modelling Unit and NDT since January 2014 having...

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Ramón Díaz Noriega

Engineering graduate

Engineering graduate of Mineral Resources and Energy by the University of Oviedo in 2012. He belongs to Hidrogeophysic and Non-Destructive Testing Modelling Unit, of the...

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Pablo David García López


I learned physics in Oviedo’s University, in...

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Ahmed Mohammed Masoud


Degree in Geology in 2005 and MSc in Hydrogeology in 2010 (Sohag University, Egypt). His Master´s Thesis, under the title of “Evaluation of Hydrogeological conditions in some...

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César Rodríguez Pereira

MSc Civil Engineer

I’m a MSc. Civil Engineer who works as a researcher at the Hydro-Geophysics and NDT modelling unit since February 2016. My main focus is porous media flow and transport...

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