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Previous Collaborators

Emmanuel Flores Martínez

Degree in Geophysics Engineering  and  Master in Conservancy Science and  Natural Resources Management  at the National Polytechnic Institute of...

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Adriana Sánchez Morán

Degree in Geology in 2007 and Geological Engineer in 2012 in the University of Oviedo. She was awarded with the final year prize and special distinction. She has 6 years of...

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Oscar Pelka Barreto

Oscar is an international student from Keele University, currently doing his master’s degree with the Hydro-Geophysics and NDT Modelling Unit. His degree is in Physics from...

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Angie Leandra Ramírez Celis

Civil engineering student

Student of final years of Civil Engineering at the University of Oviedo. Belongs to Hydrogeophysics and NDT Modeling Unit since February 2015 as a student in practices, focusing...

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Alejandro Jesús Ares Noriega

Industrial Technical Engineer

Industrial Technical Engineer and higher technical in Development of Mechanical Projects. He has worked, doing design and delineation works in Cementos Tudela Veguin S.A....

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Alejandro Jesús Cebada Relea

Civil engineering student

I belong to the Hydrogeophysics and NDT modelling unit since February 2015. Right now I’m finishing my degree in civil engineering at the Polytechnic School of Mieres...

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Diego Noriega Rodríguez

Mathematics and Physics student

I’m a fourth year student of the Mathematics and Physics double degree at Oviedo University. I collaborate with the Hydrogeophysics and NDT Modelling Unit since June...

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