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Hydrogeophysics and Non Destructive Testing Unit

The Hydrogeophysics and Non Destructive Testing Modelling Unit is a reseach group in the Oviedo University. It is located in Mieres (a coal mine area in the region) and includes teachers, researchers, students and different kinds of collaborators working actively on methological aspects as well as practical applications in three main fields: Hydrogeology, Geophysics and Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

The broad diversity of proffesional profiles allows each problem to be considered in a multidisciplinary way, covering from the fundamental laws (physics and mathematics) to adapted technical solutions for commercial applications.

Hydrogeology / Flow and Transport of matter and energy in porous media

It includes, among others, the description of groundwater flow in a mine or in civil engineering applications and its optimization; Multiphase flow (gases and liquids) in geologic layers,  describing CO2 geological storage or methane extraction; planning and optimization of geothermal resources like underground closed mines or different geological formations and the quantitative characterization of the evolution of contaminants which might accidentally percolate the ground. More information.


It studies with non destructive methodology and quantitatively, the different underground structures from shallow (some centimeters) ones to very deep targets (some kilometers). Possible instances are hidden cavities, water storage in aquifers, mineral ores, geothermal resources and interesting stratigraphic features.  It is also useful in domains like archeology and forensics. More information.

Non Destructive Testing

It covers the non invasive characterization of internal defects or features into man-made structures and facilities: deterioration of industrial walls, columns, foundations, road pavements, tunnel linings, etc. Adequate sensors and emitters are used, modified and adapted for each particular application. The logged signals, once processed and interpreted, provide information about the actual state of the tested target. More information.