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It may well be that we are not necessary to perform the project you intend to perform. You could just, perhaps, do it with certain amount of initial formation, specifically oriented towards your objectives and, maybe, periodical technical support.

The issue is not teach a general course but to prepare a course specifically adapted to your needs in format, duration, starting point and goals, about a theme you feel you need and about which have enough experience.

Some ideas, although by no means exhaustive, are:

  • Handling geophysical instruments for specific purposes.
  • Formation for the use of certain codes like COMSOL, FEFLOW and MODFLOW.
  • Formation courses about the methodology of scientific work. Maybe you are a company or institution with a research and development department and/or would like to improve the research capabilities of your staff. To become a (good) researcher is not a genetic miracle. It is a much more complex and subtle issue where adequate training is possible and for which the correct perspective produces enormous changes in the right direction. Many talented potential researchers and even group get lost in the forest during the path simply because they ignore a minimal keys that characterize the scientific work. An example of the kind of work done can be seen here.
  • Formation of particular technical aspects of our research lines.