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J. Paulino Fernandez Álvarez

José Paulino Fernández Álvarez


I obtained the degree in Mining Engineering from the School of Mines of Oviedo (1995) and the Ph. D. thesis in the same University (2004). Since the year 1997 I am lecturer in...

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Lorena Alvarez Alvarez


Bsc Geology (2006) and Bachelor thesis (2015) by University of Oviedo. Nowdays she is a Production engineering, mining – environmental and projects PHD studenta and belongs to...

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Andrés González Quirós

Geologist. BSc. MSc. PhD.

BSc Geology, MSc in Geological Resources, PhD Mining Engineering Publications and Conference communications: González-Quirós, A., & Fernández-Álvarez, J. P. (2017)....

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David Rubio Melendi

Licenciado en física, en la intesificación de electrónica, automática y procesado de la señal, por la Universidad de Oviedo en 2011. Máster en teoría de la señal y...

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Luis Calvo Buelga

Civil engineering student

I belong to the hydrogeophysical Modelling Unit and NDT since February 2015 as a trainee, focusing my work on hydrogeology unit, studying the problem of water and heat flow in...

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