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José Paulino Fernández Álvarez

I obtained the degree in Mining Engineering from the School of Mines of Oviedo (1995) and the Ph. D. thesis in the same University (2004). Since the year 1997 I am lecturer in the area of Mining research and Prospection, teaching subjects related with hydrogeology and geophysics.

The research activity started around 1996 in the field of the numerical simulation of flow in porous media with special focus in the so called inverse problem: Inverse problems pursue the estimation of relevant physical parameters from measured data and other informations.

After year 2000, the geophysical techniques are included, studied from the perspective of their structure as inverse problems. The thesis work, defended in 2004, deals with the inversion of resistivity data.

The non destructive testing branch is here considered almost a subfield of geophisics. It translates geophysical concepts and techniques to the remote inspection of the inner integrity of industrial structures and started around 2007 supported by iron-making industry.

To foster formation and research in these fields, I founded and developed the Hydrogeophysics and Non destructive testing unit, a research group devoted to explore the common aspects of the field flow and transport in porous media and the field of geophysics-NDT. Although based on fundamental knodlewge the focus relies on the inmense applied potential.

Now, my effort is devoted to consolidate the group capacities in terms of infrastructure, measuring instruments, presence in research networks and collaboration with companies. Also, my wish is to be able to generate an environment of study and research highly benefitial and fruitful hard-workind and curious, eager to learn, minds.