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Groundwater Modelling Software

NUMERICAL CODES EMPLOYED FOR FLOW AND TRANSPORT IN POROUS MEDIA We have experience with the following codes: FEFLOW 6.1 (DHI-WASY) FEFLOW simulates flow and tranport in porous media using the finite...

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Laboratory of Hydrology

The hydrogeology laboratory owns a reasonably complete instrumentation for the hydraulic characterization of the terrain. Particularly suited for studies in the Non Saturated Zone. Besides classical...

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The G-856 AX magnetometer from GEOMETRICS Inc. It is a Proton Precession magnetometer with a resolution of 0.1 nT and accuracy of 0.5 nT. Its internal memory can save up to 5000 readings in the field...

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Gravimetry measures the Earth’s gravitational acceleration (absolute gravimetry) or variations of its value in a reference point (relative gravimetry). We work with relative gravimetry. A...

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